Past Meetups:

January 22 – We met at Laurel Arts Center in Somerset to learn how to make hot chocolate bombs.  It was so much fun to work with all of that chocolate and go home with 12 yummy hot chocolate bombs to share with our friends and family.
February 22 – We met at Cambria County Community Arts center to try our hand at acrylic pour painting.  We learned several techniques and made so many beautiful canvases.  Several of us had more paint on themselves than on the canvas!!
March 22 – Since it is still cold and snowy in PA we decided to bring a little outside in this month and learned how to make and care for our own terrarium.  Even though we all used basically the same materials, we all put our own twist and personalized the terrarium we got to take home with us.
April 22 – This month was an array of misfortunes.  We were scheduled to learn glass fusion jewelry but the teacher was ill so we ended up playing with the Community Arts Center Glowforge machine.  We all made something different from jewelry to card holders!
We also went back to the Community Arts Center later in the month to remake our pour painting projects as there was a mishap that damaged all of our paintings. So since we had already had a class we all jumped right in and created more beautiful abstract, and unique pieces!
May 22 – We made a trip to LUSH Day Spa for an evening of wine, charcuterie provided by BOARD and mini spa treatments provided by the estheticians at LUSH!  We all left feeling full and totally pampered!
June 22 – We met at Ryan’s Artisan Goods for dinner and the girls from BOARD came to teach us all how to make professional looking charcuterie boards. We learned what to use, how to arrange all of the different ingredients and even learned the technique to make the elusive rose and wave designs.  We got to take home a delicious board to share or NOT!!!
August 22 –  This month we learned to make edible arrangements.  It was so much fun and our amazing teacher Martha had everything we needed to make a beautiful and delicious arraignment.
Sept 22 – This month Olivia Bragdon from Bright Blonde Boutique ( showed us how to make the popular snowglobe tumblers.  We were able to choose what we wanted in our tumblers and there was soooooo much glitter!
Oct 22 – This month, Sherry Smay, from Rhinestone Diva’s helped us all make a gorgeous gemstone necklace and earrings.  These necklaces are all the rage and so popular.
Nov 22 – This month took us back to Laurel Arts for a fall cupcake and wine tasting.  Vin Di Matrix Vineyards ( brought 6 different wines and paired them with 6 amazing fall inspired cupcakes provided by Stacie’s Sweets and Eats.
Dec 22 – We all celebrated Christmas at The Boulevard. (  We were joined by Marlene Singer of Johnstown Walk of Hope ( and Candace from Cambria Somerset Counseling. (