Hi Andi,
My mom and I were just talking about how kind you are and how thankful we are for you. Danielle is doing well physically. Her tumor has shrunk from 51 cm to 4 cm just from chemo! Mentally she’s been struggling with many fears and the unknown. Radiation will start in two weeks and it’s something she’s very scared for. I haven’t gotten to spend much time with her or talk to her much during this period of time. I’m trying to be supportive of that cause it’s what she wants. Anyway, I did talk to her in regards to the wig. She said it fits great and she loves it! She asked me to help her style it. Thank you so very much for all of your selflessness. We appreciate you and your organization so very much. Kaylee L.

My name is Tami and I am what you call a Trichster. Not because I play jokes on people but because I have Trichotillomania. I have hid this for 40 years because it is very embarrassing to have. My close family and friends  do not even know I have this condition that causes you to pull the hair out of your head. Sometimes you don’t even know that you are doing it. It is a condition that takes away your self esteem. You isolate yourself from people that you love so that they never know your secret. You stop going out with friends and family. You stop enjoying life because if you go swimming ,or to amusement parks or any place other than your home, you worry that your hat or scarf will fall off and then everyone will see that you are bald. Then these people will ask a million questions and give a million suggestions. Every day of your life you think about how you are going to hide your bald head. It is something that you think about all of the time.
My hair pulling became so bad that I could no longer hide it. I was completely bald. Just going grocery shopping became a nightmare for me . I ordered cheap wigs from eBay and they were  so horrible that I would have to wear large bandanas or headbands to hide the bad hairline. If the headbands moved just a tiny bit, you could see the stitches in the wig.

Then one day I contacted Operation BeYoutiful, I was not actually expecting any help but I needed to try. I thought they would say no since it is a condition you end up causing to  yourself. To my surprise I was told that they would buy me a wig. A real wig! I was fitted for one and at no cost to me they gave me a beautiful wig. They never judged me or looked at me funny. They lifted up my spirits and made me feel good about myself again. Every single person  that I have met has been just incredible. Now I can go out  w my friends and no one has a clue that my hair is not actually attached to my head. I can visit my family for holidays and not one person notices my hair.
Operation Beyoutiful has given me so much of my life back. I am so grateful for everything that they have done for me. I am grateful and blessed to have found them. What they do for me and others is just incredible.

Tami B

Dear Andi,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Operation BeYoutiful and NuHart for your donation of a “cap with wig”, gift bag and the goodies. For those going through hair loss, for whatever reason, one has a place to seek help from caring people.  You are all to be commended for your commitment to this cause. I read the article in Vision 2022 describing your field of work.  With all that you have going on in your life, you offered to come and pick me up for one of the socials. Amazing! You truly are a giving person. May you be blessed for all you do to make life brighter for others.

Judy F.

Thank you! My wig is beautiful. An answer to a prayer. I knew I couldn’t keep wearing my hat on warm days. Loved the bag of goodies also.  So uplifting there are still good people in this world.  Was lost and depressed. It’s changing! 🙂

Regina K

Hi Andi:

Just wanted to let you know that I had my reveal day today. I actually don’t know what words to use to discuss how I feel right now.  I was overwhelmed and in disbelief to see everything.  The wig is even more amazing than I hoped it would be and then to be handed a gift bag along with it just boggles my mind.  I can’t believe that you are so kind to do all of this with no strings attached. It’s just so amazing and you are amazing!   The ladies at NuHart are also so kind and professional. Brooke spent so much time with me and didn’t rush me at all. She was so thorough in going over everything with me. I’ve dealt with my hair loss since 2016 when I was first diagnosed with blood cancer,  and lately I was so self conscious of it.  You and the ladies at NuHart make me feel like a new person and I can’t thank you enough – 

Judy S 

Hello, my name is Brenda Harrison. I am a mother of 2 amazing grown children and a career RN. I moved back to Johnstown after my husband retired from the military with intentions of slowing down and an early retirement.

On December 4,2020 I became sick with what I thought was a bad sinus infection . My oxygen saturation were critically low and thanks to my son’s girlfriend Alicia, I realized it was time to go to the ER. My dear sister Denise had been admitted a few days earlier and we both ended up on opposite sides of the ICU. She had been intubated and it was time for me to be intubated . I was in a medically induced coma for 6 weeks. The nurses adjusted the propofol so I could be awakened for my husband to come to my bedside to tell me Denise did not make it . I remember sobbing and they put me back to sleep.

When I woke up I had a tracheostomy, no use of my left leg or arm and a big ball of matted hair. I was devastated with all this because my hair was my pride.  I always had lovely full hair.

On the road to recovery with physical therapy and wound care I found my hair falling out by the handful.  It was a huge hit on my self esteem . My friend Sherri recommended applying with Operation Beyoutiful to see how they could help with my hair . I filled out the application and a very empathetic lady named Andi called me and explained the process which would go through Nuhart Hair.

The organization covered the expense of the wig which I was so grateful for.

The staff at Nuhart Hair were amazing and were very empathetic as well. The process was seamless and tailored to my needs. Within 2 weeks I was fitted with my new wig which looked like my natural hair. Now thanks to Operation Beyoutiful I feel more like my old self and my self esteem is better.

I am so grateful for all involved with my recovery .

Dear Lauren and Andi
I thank you both so very much!  My wig is awesome and NuHart Hair Salon is amazing, Brooke is spot-on with the color and style. Wearing my wig is empowering and provides me with confidence and normalcy during this highly abnormal time.  I am grateful to Operation BeYoutiful and thank you both for your kindness and generosity,  Your organization is invaluable and I appreciate your initiative, hard work, and passion for your mission.  You truly make a difference and I am forever grateful!!  I would like to share this story with you.  I wore my wig to a doctor’s appointment.  The doctor entered the room with a confused look.  She proceeded to ask me if this was my “real hair” as she knew the chemo drugs would make me lose my hair,  I smiled and said no.  The doctor was astounded by my wig’s beauty and authenticity!! Thank you very much. Operation BeYoutiful is a blessing!! keep up the great work.
Forever grateful, Pam Giachetti

I just wanted to thank you for making me feel beautiful.  I love my new hair. Thank you for all of your time, dedication and effort you put into Operation BeYoutiful.  You are truly a blessing and it is amazing to have this program in this area to help women in this area.  You are amazing!! You are appreciated!! You are loved!!

Love Debbie

Thank you for all you’ve done to get me a wig and all the extra goodies. You are an angel and I REALLY appreciate you and Operation BeYoutiful.  The worst part of cancer is losing my hair and now I’m not scared because I have a beautiful wig.


We want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Being a teenager and starting your adult life in college is exciting but difficult. Being a teenager diagnosed with cancer is devastating. There is no doubt that chemotherapy saves lives, and for that we are so blessed. However, the side effects and risks are awful. From hearing loss, to anemia, to a racing heart with shortness of breath, mouth sores, fatigue, are all so scary and Hannah had them all. But I must say the worst side effect of all was losing her hair. It broke my heart to see her heartache and there was nothing I could do to ease her pain. If it weren’t for your compassion, kindness, and generosity I’m not sure what we would’ve done. The wig that was given to Hannah made her feel better about herself and gave her self confidence. We will be forever grateful to you, and what you did meant the world to us. Here we are months later and Hannah is done with chemotherapy and remains cancer free. Her hair is still not as long as she would like and she continues to wear it every day.  You are an angel. Thank you.

Missy and Hannah Smitley


Lauren, Ashley, and Andi of  Operation Beyoutiful were absolutely amazing. They showed so much care and compassion for Gabrielle and gave her a priceless gift.  Not only did they present her with an amazing wig, but they taught her kindness and compassion in its purest form. Gabrielle began losing her hair two years ago due to an autoimmune disease. As her disease progressed, she lost more and more hair and she also lost her self confidence. She looked for ways to cover her bald head and  stopped participating in the activities she loved. As a mother being torn up by her daughter’s daily battles, I spent endless hours researching products, hair extensions, and wigs. I reached out to some well known hair prosthetic organizations without any success. I had all but given up when Operation Beyoutiful came along. We found out about them through a mutual friend. I spoke with Lauren and Ashley on the phone. We live in SC and they are in Ohio. These young ladies cared so much for Gabrielle, that they planned every detail of an amazing adventure for my daughter.  They picked us up at the airport, booked our room, and upon our arrival the room was filled with Gabrielle’s favorite treats.  We spent the next two days with them  and they planned every detail  with Gabrielle in mind. They truly made us feel like part of their family. The community’s support and efforts of Operation Beyoutiful have changed Gabrielle’s life forever. On our final evening, the big reveal happened. This is where Gabrielle was presented with a gorgeous hand made wig. I cried with joy and Gabrielle was happy beyond words.  My daughter looked like herself again. She was glowing and proud.  This reignited self confidence has not left her since. These wonderful people gave my daughter more than just a wig. They not only restored her self confidence but they also showed kindness and compassion beyond belief. We went home with more than just new hair. 

Thank you so much for the wig donation and other goodies to my mom, Karen Puskar.  The expenses related to her cancer treatment have been very overwhelming at times. Your donation allowed her to breathe a sigh of relief in a very stressful time.  The wig made her feel BEAUTIFUL and brought happy tears to her eyes,  Thank you all so much for the kindness and love!

Warmly, Melody Ray

I wanted to thank you for my wig.  Thank you for the gift bag and goodies!  Than you for your kind words, and for starting this wig program. You make people smile:)

Sincerely, Beckey Schlosnagle


Dear Lauren,
I’m touched beyond words. I truly am humbled and very grateful for what you and your team have done. Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure and my family and friends will recognize. Loosing my hair was a very heartbreaking thing for me. I felt as though that was the one thing people recognized me by. For I had hair that passed my hips. When my hair began to slowly fall out it was the worst feeling, I cried many nights, hoping that my hair would just thin, that maybe, just maybe I would be different. When I started noticing patches of my hair missing it was to much to bare and decided to shave the remaining hair off. A lot of women, not all, but a lot find strength and proudneness in their bald head. They feel that it shows what they are battling and that is perfectly fine, however with me I did not feel that way. I have always had a masculine body, broad shoulders, thicker eyebrows, undefined cheek bones. This only made worse for me and I was so focused on the fact of loosing my hair that it only made me feel worse about myself. I also absolutely hated the shape of my head. I just wanted to hide, being outside I would notice people staring, some kids pointing. They knew, they could see that I was different. When I received your Beyoutiful email I was so ecstatic. I had not done any research about the wig, whether or not it was human hair, synthetic hair, long or short. I just knew that I was so excited for the big reveal and I think that is wonderful and makes the moment so much more special. I’m so thankful to have been given this gift and to have such a wonderful group of people that also wants so badly to help and just make a day dedicated just for you. So much work goes into this gift and I want you to know that it IS recognized, from all of the fund raisers and the donations. To the meetings and preparation that goes into this. My heart just keeps thanking you and thanking you. You have made my day, and I will take this wig with much appreciation and wear it proudly.


I wanted to thank Operation BeYoutiful for helping my daughter in a time of need. They were a blessing that I will never forget.

My daughter Camryn age 10 at the time had a condition called Trichotillomania. This is an impulse control disorder where you pull out your own hair. She became completely bald in the back of her head with only a thin layer of hair covering it. It became so bad that she could not hide it anymore. I was distraught. As a mother you want to fix everything for your child and make it better and I was at a loss. I didn’t understand the situation, I didn’t understand the condition, I didn’t know what was going on with my beautiful daughter. I contacted a child psychologist, I contacted the school, I contacted John Rutter from JR. Hair Design because I knew he dealt with baldness and wigs and he in turn contacted Operation BeYoutiful. The psychologist helped Camryn with her impulse disorder and helped us to understand Trichotillomania, the school watched over Camryn and protected her from bullying and helped with everything we needed. Operation BeYoutiful donated a wig to help Camryn get through these trying times. They were a blessing from God. This wig gave Camryn the confidence she needed, she was so ashamed and self conscious before that. She wore it everyday to school with pride for almost 3 months until her hair grew back in. She then got a nice short hair cut that she loved.
She currently has been pull free for 8 months! She has beat Trichotillomania! God puts people in your path to help you in a time of need and I thank god for John Rutter who introduced us to Lauren Palmar, Operation BeYoutiful! She is truly an angel. Operation BeYoutiful helped us in our time of need and we are so grateful.

Operation BeYoutiful is a beautiful organization. They instilled confidence back into a child that had lost it. My heart overflows with gratitude for the thoughtfulness and kindness they showed my daughter Camryn. It will never be forgotten.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

With immense gratitude,

Danna Campbell


At the age of sixteen, Alina was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She never wanted to become “the girl with cancer.” She was the girl with big dreams and goals, determined to pursue her future of going to college in New York City as a Graphic Designer in the Fashion industry. The time previously reserved for tackling homework was taken up by regular chemotherapy treatments. Alina has always shown amazing resilience, even after losing her dad to Lung Cancer at a young age. She remained positive, never really showing how upset she got, almost as if protecting me from her worries. That’s just how strong she is. The changes that come with treatment though, like losing your hair, can be devastating for anyone, especially for a teenage girl. As a mother, it broke my heart, knowing what was happening to her physically on the inside, now painful emotionally on the outside.

On the journey to regain her health and her self-esteem, I would have given anything to make her smile again but the option of a new real hair wig was out of reach because insurance does not cover it. As a single parent, and the newly consistent worry involving financial issues related to her illness, we were already struggling. Almost giving up, we discovered this wonderful organization called OPERATIONBEYOUTIFUL, who generously offered to help. With special thanks to Andi Palmar, who thoughtfully coordinated a very special day just for Alina. Going above and beyond with the help of the girls at the charity’s salon: NUHART HAIR, provided her with professional, excellent care, making it a truly positive experience, through an otherwise difficult time. They helped select a wig that looked as similar to her natural hair as possible. Not only ordered the wig in the exact right color but also styled it so it looked like her own. Even graciously making adjustments when needed.

As if that wasn’t enough, Alina was treated to a shopping spree at her favorite store, Sephora and got to pick out an outfit at JCPenney’s. Makeup and clothes, that made her smile! And even while really anxious about losing her hair, it wasn’t such a big deal in the end because she had her wig and it made such a difference. Thanks to Andi and OPERATIONBEYOUTIFUL…

Looking good can truly help you feel good!!

Much Love,

Alina and Sandi Broome